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Winter Driving Safety Tips

Driving safely in the winter weather can be a challenge, even for the most experienced truck drivers. With the combination of snow, ice and wind, drivers experience reduced visibility and lost traction. Professional truck drivers also experience everyday drivers who are not accustomed to driving in poor weather conditions. However, […]


Long Haul Driving Safety Tips

How to Stay Alert during Long Haul Trucking Hours Let’s face it – all drivers associated with long haul trucking get tired from time to time. Even though the job allows freedom and seeing many gorgeous locations throughout the United States, it does involve many hours and miles to reach […]


Perks of Being a Truck Driver

The Perks of Being a Truck Driver As news outlets continue to discuss a shortage in CDL drivers, many people question whether professional driving is a good career choice. The answer to that is yes! Let’s first discuss the main reason behind the truck driver shortage, which is a strengthened […]

Safety Tips for Commercial Drivers

Important Safety Tips for Commercial Drivers Being a professional truck driver, either company or owner operator, requires full concentration at all times while on the road. Not only do company and owner operator truck drivers deal with other motorists, wildlife and hazardous road conditions, they do this while operating a […]