Helwig Offers the Finest
Equipment on the Road Today

At Helwig, we understand the importance of newer equipment for both our drivers and customers. When selecting a freight carrier, customers want to know the company has equipment that is ready for the road with a low risk of breakdowns that delay pickups and deliveries.

We also understand that being a professional OTR driver is not easy. This is why Helwig strives to lessen the stress by offering late model tractors and trailers with the most advanced technology available to freight carriers.

As of today, we are operating a fleet of approximately 400 tractors and 600 refrigerated trailers. All our trucks are equipped with a number of options and technology to help provide route planning, fuel planning, uninterrupted communication, and safety.

Our equipment

With our tractors and trailers powered by the latest technology, JS Helwig & Son is confident we lead the way in freight carriers.

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