Driver Orientation at J.S. Helwig & Son

js-helwig-orientationAt J.S. Helwig & Son, we take great pride in offering some of the best truck driving jobs in the country. We are committed to the safe and efficient operation of our company and that mission is accomplished by hiring the most professional drivers on the road today – and offering high-quality training with a focus on safety, respect, and integrity. After accepting a position with our recruiting team, drivers are scheduled for the fun and informative JS Helwig orientation program.

What to Expect at JS Helwig Orientation

We understand the transition between truck driving jobs can be challenging. This is why we offer driver orientation every week – and try to make the transition as seamless as possible.

Highlights of the JS Helwig Orientation Program:

  • Orientation is held Monday – Thursday
  • We fly drivers in to orientation. If drivers would rather not fly, we have alternate ways of travel that do not include a 3-day bus ride to our terminal in Terrell, Texas.
  • We place drivers in their own room at a Marriott hotel close to the terminal
  • We provide lunch to drivers each day (not boxed lunches)
  • Drivers are ready for dispatch Friday morning

JS Helwig Orientation Schedule:

During orientation, drivers will meet all department heads and both James and Jamie Helwig. Our goal is to keep each orientation program engaging, interactive, and fun. We understand drivers do not want to spend 4-days watching videos.

Monday orientation starts at 12:00PM and includes:

  • New hire paperwork and ID badges
  • Vertical Alliance training program
  • Tour of the terminal

Tuesday orientation starts at 8:30AM and includes:

  • Drug screens and physicals
  • Form submissions
  • An open discussion with James Helwig
  • Road tests

Wednesday orientation starts at 8:30AM and includes:

  • Operations and trip planning
  • Payroll
  • AFLAC overview and enrollment
  • Company benefits
  • OSD & detention
  • Safety meeting
  • Qualcomm

Thursday orientation starts at 9:00AM and includes:

  • EFS training
  • Truck assignments
  • Shop and reefer overview

Since drivers are ready for dispatch Friday morning, we encourage every driver to pack their necessary supplies so they are ready to hit the road.

If you are interested in one of our OTR truck driving jobs, please contact our recruiting team at (844) 299-2824 or apply here. After reviewing your application and answering any questions you may have, we will schedule a time that works best for you to attend our driver orientation.

If you have questions about the JS Helwig orientation program, please contact our recruiting team at (844) 299-2824 or for specifics.