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At Helwig, we believe it is the collective and the individual efforts of our drivers and employees that make us a superior refrigerated transport company. Our employees and OTR drivers are encouraged to come forward to present their views and ideas. James Helwig and the entire management team are always available to listen and respond with an open-door policy.


A Message from James Helwig:

“At JS Helwig & Son, we are committed to the safe and efficient operation of our company and that mission can only be accomplished by the hiring and retention of the most qualified and professional drivers available. In the transportation industry of today, the need for professional drivers has never been greater, and JS Helwig & Son will provide an environment that allows the true professional to succeed. Together we can provide service that is safe, reliable, competitive, and highly responsive to our customers’ needs. In meeting those needs, the company can be successful, which in turn leads to success for the professional driver. I appreciate and look forward to your association with JS Helwig & Son and your contribution in our continuing safe operation.”

Key Benefits of Our
OTR Driving Careers

If you would like to be treated as one of the best drivers in the business, join the Helwig team. We are committed to the safe and efficient operation of our company, and that mission can only be accomplished by the hiring and retention of the most professional OTR drivers. When you begin one of our driving careers, you can expect:

Want to Become a Helwig Driver?


Hiring Areas

JS Helwig & Son continues to expand our network, so we are hiring in even more areas across the United States.

If you live in one of these states, our recruiting team would love to talk to you.

Driver Testimonials

Please take a moment to read what our past and current drivers have to say about us.

“Mr. Helwig has done an excellent job of moving this company up in class. I really appreciate the details that make our new driver’s lounge comfortable, along with nice showers and laundry facility, shows how much this company cares about their drivers. We drive late to new model equipment that is well maintained. I’ve never had a problem here that was not professionally solved, whether it is breakdown, payroll, load, or other issues. Staff is well organized and professional. They treat me with respect; I feel like they understand me as a driver and issues I face on the road. Other drivers here share a higher level of professionalism and courtesy towards each other as well as ambition in their personal lives. I’ve never had a problem getting my home time within reason. And I make good money too.”
“I’ve been a Helwig driver for close to 4 years. In 20 years driving, I only worked for 3 other companies. But Helwig far outshines the others. Competitive pay and benefits. Great driver facilities and equipment. And friendly office and shop personnel. And pet friendly. About all you could ask for in a company.”
Mark Cheyne
“My husband worked for them for two yrs. Had to leave because of a divorce and needed a local job. He is now back with this wonderful company and is very happy. They are everything they say they are. Best company out there. After 24 yrs. in trucking with many, many jobs. He found his home. Thank you J.S Helwig and Son for all you do for your drivers and family. I would definitely recommend this wonderful company.”
Samantha Kuhn
"This company has made my life so incredibly carefree. I have been through several companies. Either making self sacrificing or depreciating decisions to deal with those companies’ short comings. This company has simply circumnavigated the hardships and cut out the baloney to make professional driving what it should be. FUN and REWARDING. The Distribution Centers actually treat you with respect when you work for this company. This company is AWESOME."
TE Lumberg
“JS Helwig doesn’t hire skilled people and motivate them. They hire already motivated people and inspire them!!”
Cindy Powers
“Great place to work. You will be treated like you are a person. Wish I could have started my work career here 20 years ago. Very pet friendly. My drive manager always tries his best to get me loads to keep me moving. Everything starts at the top and works down. The owner must treat his managers well. Can’t say enough very happy here.”
John Ripley

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Are you ready to become a driver for JS Helwig & Son?

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